Sometimes Buy Archeage gold in Fugitive mode there would be multiple Fugitives instead of just one Fixed Occasionally, if an error occurred on the lobby screen, another lobby screen would be displayed on top of it FixedSometimes when there was a long delaylag, the game would hang at the transition screen going from the lobby to the game and then reboot Fixed Sometimes when there was a long delay lag, depending on the console, certain players in the match would become invisible for the duration of the match Fixed Sometimes post match Results screens would show players who did not participate in the match FixedStarting a taunt animation during a reload shortened the reload time as an exploit Fixed Now when the game asks you to install an update on or around March 9, you'll know what it's for. For more information on the game check out Pro G's Lost Planet review. " 

Flat Out causes carnage on Xbox 360 FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for Xbox 360 News With FlatOut 2 sales surpassing one million units worldwide since its release in June 2006, the series' next gen debut will have a lot of fans to please. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage has been rebuilt from the ground up and specifically developed to take advantage of the power of the Xbox 360.